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News of The Dead Isle

News Of The Dead Isle

On October 1st, 2008, my LiveJournal was hacked. One of the casualties of the hack was that this community was emptied completely. I've since rebuilt it from backup copies on my hard drive, but if you have links to specific chapters of Jack And Ellis they are now invalid. These are new links and should work fine if you wish to replace your old links.

I started writing The Dead Isle (working title "Jack and Ellis") around the end of October, 2007. It survived NaNo, what I believe professionals call a "Family Emergency" at Christmas, a broken wrist in February, and a hack in October. It was completed on February 8, 2009, while wildfires in the southern part of Australia were becoming one of the worst national disasters ever to strike the country. If you'd like to help, there is a resource post here at my personal journal.

During the time my wrist was broken in early 2008, I continued to write using a digital pen and with the assistance of transcriptionists. If you're interested in the portions that were hand-written and transcribed, you can find them here.

I have been lucky enough to work with several artists on this project; their work is well worth a look and a lot of fun to boot. You can find the Jack and Ellis Art Archival (artchival?) post here. There are also a number of truly awesome icons available for use here, using quotes from the story.

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